About Royal Alpaca

The Alpaca lives in the Andean Mountains, essentially in Peru and Bolivia, at around 4000 meters high where the wind blows strongly and temperatures can go below -20° ! His secret to resist these conditions is his wool ; because it is longer, finer and hollow, it retains a lot of air that makes it very insulating.
Moreover, it does not retain humidity at all, which adds up to its confort and thermal qualities. For comparison, cashmere has a humidity absorption rate of 15%.
The breeding of Alpaca is very extensive : it can be seen wandering around in the big spaces of the Andes. Unlike Lamas, the Alpaca does not loose his hairs naturally. Thus the shearing is essential for his confort and well being. 
The length of the fiber makes it way more resistant than cashmere or any other wool. Thus the sweater does not shrink or get distorted. Pieces from 2500 years ago were found in Peru! The first shearing of an Alpaca's life is put aside. The fiber from this shearing is sorted and the finest fiber will experience 4 processes of filtering to get Royal Alpaca, while the other fibers slightly thicker will know only three of them and become yarns of Baby Alpaca. The Royal is only 1% of the world production of all Alpaca yarn!

To be concrete, the diameter of standard Alpaca is 25 microns, 22 for Baby and 19 for Royal.

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